Chapman’s Peak Drive

Chapman’s Peak Drive, affectionately referred to by locals as “Chappies”, is one of the most exquisite marine drives that exist in the world today, capturing the hearts of tourists from all walks of life and never failing to impress. This beautiful drive showcases the vast Atlantic Ocean to one side and the tall vertical sea-facing cliffs to the other side, while those enjoying this route can appreciate the modern engineering and creative works that went into constructing a road on what was once only a dangerously steep cliff.

Originally named Chapman’s Chaunce by John Chapman, a Captains mate and ship pilot of an English ship named the Consent in 1607, Chapman’s Peak was already recognized for its beauty long before the road was carved out of the side of the mountain, which only took place between the years of 1915 and 1922. Since being built, regular road closures to improve the safety of Chapman’s Peak Drive and update its construction have taken effect, ensuring that locals and tourists are able to fully appreciate the splendour and magnificence of this breathtaking coastal drive. The total length of Chapman’s Peak Drive is 9km’s, which can seem to pass in mere moments.

Forming part of South Africa’s spectacular Cape Peninsula, Chapman’s Peak Drive is highlighted on many nature lovers’ itineraries for discovering the best assets of the Atlantic Seaboard. Along this famous drive, numerous vantage points welcome vehicles to pull over and take in the incredible scenery, capture photographs, enjoy a beautiful picnic as well as breathe in the fresh ocean air. Chapman’s Peak Drive showcases outstanding 180 degree views and is located between Hout Bay and Noordhoek, while also forming part of the enchanting and scenic journey from Cape Town’s city centre to Cape Point and the Cape Point Nature Reserve.

At any time of day, Chapman’s Peak Drive is nothing short of spectacular. Between the months of May to November, Chapman’s Peak Drive is also considered an idyllic land-based whale watching setting. Chapman’s Peak Drive is a toll road where all toll fees collected go towards rock fall measures that ensure the safety of drivers, hikers and cyclists that enjoy this mesmerizing coastal route. Experience Chapman’s Peak Drive by booking Mesmin Poba Touring’s Half Day Peninsula Tour, Full Day Peninsula Tour or Full Day Combined Tour.

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