From its exquisite and upmarket beaches to the trendy villas and bungalows nestled on cliffs facing the Atlantic Seaboard, Clifton is a Cape Town suburb that exudes exclusivity and luxury. At Mesmin Poba Touring, many of our popular tours include visits to this stunning coastal suburb along the Cape Peninsula, where tourists are able to delight in the beauty of Clifton firsthand.

Situated between the suburbs of Camps Bay and Bantry Bay, Clifton has a stunning backdrop of the 12 Apostles Mountain range and is home to four lovely beaches that are separated by granite boulders and distinct coves. Each of Clifton’s 4 beaches is frequented by locals and tourists, named from 1st to 4th. First Beach usually draws a mixed crowd of locals, visitors and surfers, with the strongest surf of the 4 beaches. Third Beach is the smallest of the beaches and is often described as the prettiest. Second Beach is popular among students and is regularly enjoyed for beach games like volleyball and beach bats. Clifton’s Fourth Beach has received Blue Flag status, thanks to its world-class facilities, undeniable beauty and environmental, safety and tourist standards.

It is interesting to note that Clifton was rated one of the Top 10 Beaches by the Discovery Travel Channel, which is not surprising to those who have the opportunity to observe this destination through a tour with Mesmin Poba Touring. The beaches in Clifton are accessible via steep steps from Victoria Road and are protected from the south easterly wind. The original bungalows of Clifton were built from packing cases that were used to convey imported cars during the 1920’s and 1930’s, and were inhabited by returning soldiers who fought in World War One. These bungalows have now been replaced by modern villas.

Experience the enchanting Atlantic Seaboard and suburb of Clifton with your loved ones and delight in the beach vibes and memorable moments. Our Mesmin Poba Touring tour guides are dedicated to ensuring the most wonderful tours to all, while Clifton forms part of our Half Day City Tour, Full Day and Half Day Peninsula Tour as well as our Full Day Combined Tour, which embraces the best of the Peninsula and Winelands. Private French Tour Guides can also be booked through Mesmin Poba Touring, while all of our tour guides are well trained, friendly and professional.

Clifton Beach