Signal Hill

Cape Town’s unsurpassed and perpetual natural beauty attracts travellers all year around, with Table Mountain being a prominent Mother City landmark. Signal Hill, 350m high, is situated next to Lion’s Head and Table Mountain and separates the inner city from the coastal suburb of Sea Point. Many describe the shape of Signal Hill as similar to a lion’s rump, sleeping lion or sphinx, which is why many refer to it as Lions Rump.

Signal Hill is one of the many highlights of our Mesmin Poba Touring Half Day City Tour, which showcases the magic of the Cape Town, as well as the cultural, natural and historical elements of the City Bowl District and its surroundings. South Africa’s Astronomical Observatory makes its crescent moon observations from this exquisite setting and describes it as the perfect place from which to spot difficult crescents. Every day at 12pm the famous Noon Gun is fired from Signal Hill, operated by the South African Navy and the Astronomical Observatory.

Signal Hill also played an important role in Cape Town’s unique history. In the 17th And 18th centuries, the Dutch made use of 3 lookout posts, on top of Signal Hill, Lions Head and Kloof Nek. Using gun shots and flags, messages were sent that were detected as far as Salt River, and then passed on to Tygerberg and farms in Paarl, alerting farmers of new ships coming to the harbour and allowing them time to pack their wagons with produce for sale to crew members. These signal flags were also used to communicate weather warnings to nearby ships.

As a Precambrian geological setting that also forms part of the wonderful Table Mountain National Park, experiencing Signal Hill is truly memorable. For local Capetonians, Signal Hill is regularly enjoyed by families, friends and couples, especially as the sun sets and allows for a romantic atmosphere for picnics and sundowners. From the flat top of Signal Hill, breathtaking views of the Atlantic Seaboard and Mother City paint the perfect picture, while at sunset the city comes to life in a display of glittering lights.

Many enjoy Signal Hill for hiking, paragliding or even flying model planes. From Signal Hill, it is easy to reach Lions Head, which presents exciting hiking trails that are slightly more challenging. At Mesmin Poba Touring, our tour guides are passionate about sharing the beauty of Cape Town with visitors. Private French Guided Tours can also be arranged through Mesmin Poba Touring.

Signal Hill